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About restaurant

Welcome to the classical Wild West steakhouse. Even if you have never been in Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas, you will recognize the interior of popular well-known westerns. You will be impressed with massive dark wooden furniture, sign "sheriff" on a separate small room, identification numbers of cars of different US states, pictures with citations of Indian chiefs. You will find a lot of cowboy attributes from hats and jeans to the real worn leather saddle on the wooden fence. You can saddle it like a rancher if you wish. The stuff look according to the atmosphere. Waiters and bartenders are dressed only in jeans, plaid shirts, hats and neckerchief. You can order one of signature steaks "Louisiana" such as ribeye Prime or Cowboy steak. That will be an effective way to feel like a cowboy or another character of Wild West. Creative delights of Chef on the topic of American and Mexican cuisine in its best form. Creative chef can offer the best daintith dishes of Mexican and American cuisine. Meat dishes are accompanied by any sauce you prefer: Mustard, Barbecue, Pepper, Devil, Guacamole, Salsa, Wasabi, Mushroom, and proprietary sauce Louisiana. Guests who prefer diet food can choose seafood for starters or main course. 

Our Chef

The chief cook is a top-sawyer. He won a lot of different skills competitions, so he creates true fine cuisine. A great variety of salads with both traditional and national features will cause to reflect on the choice. You would like to try everything for sure! For an appetizer we recommend to taste the hot chicken wings Devil or quesadilla with marbled beef.

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